Focus Forward offers three pathways based on participant goals and abilities.

Individuals participating in Focus Forward will have opportunities for employability skill building, independent living practice, and socialization regardless of pathway. Individual goals may be different, but the aspects of the program are experienced by all participants. 

Path 1


In this pathway, participants engage in independent living skills and job training on campus.


 On-campus enterprise endeavors include the creation from start to the final product of Good Dog organic dog treats. The created product is sold online and locally, and all aspects of the production will involve participants (i.e. measuring and mixing ingredients, baking, packaging, inventory, marketing, etc.)


Additional on-campus class offerings focus on life skills development, including culinary, practical math/banking, independent living, hygiene/health, community navigation and transportation options, etc.

Path 2


Path 2 offers a vocational program providing opportunities to work at an area business partner under program staff supervision. This pathway extends the goals of the Focus Academy Transition Program by allowing students additional time to develop vocational skills. 

Participants in Path 2 also fill roles in the Focus Café, a fully functioning business located within the Temple Terrace Family Recreation Center. Focus Café jobs include customer service, inventory, coffee barista, and more.

Path 3


Planning for Path 3 includes offering  certificate-based training programs.  Focus Forward plans to partner with area educational institutions to offer certificates in certain areas of study. More information about these offerings will be available soon.